Fireplace & Hog Roaster circa 1880’s

Thanks Mr Gall for this amazing photo!.

Rebuilt after being dismantled from Lowther Castle kitchens in the 1950s. It probably dates back to the 1880s and was built by Clement Jeakes & Co. of London. The spit engine above the fire is thought to be the largest in the world and was powered by a fan up the chimney. It could turn four vertical spits and up to three horizontal.

Waste Not Want Not

Our Kettle BBQ Rotisserie Attachment

Please view some recent feedback from customers relating to our kettle rotisserie product:
Mr Dailey
I ordered one of these recently from you and was dubious given the enormous price differential between yourselves and the Weber version.
However I couldn’t have been more delighted to find that not only was it delivered promptly but that the quality is first class. Have used it several times already and it is just perfect.
Many thanks and be sure that I’ll let all of my friends and colleagues know where to look for their bbq needs.
Mr Cuddihy
Last summer I purchased a 57cm kettle BBQ rotisserie ring from you. Firstly let me say that it was the best purchase I’ve made in years!
I’m looking to add 2 extra rotisserie forks to it. Based on the link below, I’m guessing the ones that came with my skewer were the chrome plated ones? If so, they’ll do the job.
And thanks for the tasty photo!

A catering company within Sussex

Should you be planning a hog roast and would like to make it hassle free by having the professionals do the hard work for you then let us welcome you to a frequent customer of SunshineBBQs Ltd, Barwood Barbecues. They use traditional techniques over hot coals and with their experience in the industry they will make your days event one to remember.

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Hog Roast Chicken Carousel

Mini Chicken Carousel 7 M01Mini Chicken Carousel 4 M01 Mini Chicken Carousel 3 M01

chicken carousel
Try something different!

If have a hog roast machine or considering purchasing a hog roast machine then we can offer various different exciting accessories, such as this chicken carousel. This carousel is only 50cm so not only can you cook around 12 chickens but you can also utilise the remaining length of your skewer for additional meats!

Extra Large Brick BBQ DIY Kits

The spring is just around the corner which makes this the perfect time to start planning your new brick DIY BBQ. If your looking for a stylish but cost effective way of building your own BBQ then have a look at the DIY brick BBQ kits we have for sale. These kits give you the scope to design your own garden masterpiece and have a large BBQ to cater for the largest of parties!

DIY Brick BBQ Kit
Time for that BBQ party!