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Stainless Built in Brick BBQ DIY Grill Kit with Argentinian Adjustable Heights - 112cm

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  • This exciting BBQ kit with Argentinian stainless steel grill top. Designed to either fit your existing DIY brick BBQ or alternatively you could build it into an outdoor kitchen.
  • Heavy duty 6mm stainless grill this product makes cooking even more versatile and fun. Using the handle to the right of the cooking area you are able to higher and lower the grill to your desired cooking height making it much easier to get the cooking temperature for the food just right.
  • The external dimensions of the base for the Argentinian grill top measure approximately 112cm x 44cm. The height of the frame measures approximately 70.5cm with the wheel on the right extending the complete height to approximately 78cm. The cooking frame is approximately 104.5cm x 41cm with the realistic cooking area within this at approximately 99cm x 36cm.
  • The external dimensions of the stainless tray & grate are 112cm x 40cmm. The heavy duty charcoal grate of 7mm thick stainless locks in to the ash tray for strength and additional air flow for the coals. The charcoal grate only has gaps of 20mm so that minial coals fall through.
  • We have manufactured the trays with a lip of approximately 70mm which prevents ash falling on to the caterer. There is approximately 50mm air flow under the grate. To remove the ash simply slide/lift the tray out and tip to one side.