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Extra Large Excalibur Commercial BBQ

Excalibur Stainless Charcoal BBQ

Original Charcoal BBQ

Original Large Charcoal BBQ

Large Extendible Stainless Charcoal BBQ

Unique design of charcoal BBQ made from stainless steel.

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This is a unique design of charcoal BBQ made from stainless steel. To extend the machine all you have to do is pull one end from the other. It can be used in its compact state which allows for a cooking surface area of 70cm x 48cm or it can be extended to a cooking surface area of 125cm x 48cm. It stands approximately 29 inches and weighs approximately 28kg inclusive of grills and 2 heavy duty charcoal pans.
Extremely versatile and excellent for storage. The 4 legs have a locking pin each which secures them to the BBQ. They can all be detached and placed inside the machine.
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