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Excalibur Stainless Charcoal BBQ

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This is our large Excalibur BBQ which has a heavy gauge construction with solid stainless steel grill and 4 adjustable heights for the charcoal tray. The charcoal tray is made up from removable stainless steel bar for ease of cleaning. Charcoal can fall down into the tray which is then easily removed and disposed of.

Comes with wind shield at the back and shelf for condiments on the left side.

Cooking area measures approximately 81cm x 31cm with each stainless steel bar measuring a commercial 8mm. The cooking height stands at approximately 75cm and weighs approximately 35kg.

Very manoeuvrable with 2 heavy duty wheels and handle on the opposite side.

The only BBQ offering you the options of adding Cypriot attachments for skewers & kebabs, fish pliers & 4 revolving dishes.