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Extra Large Cypriot Stainless BBQ + Adjustable Heights CYP-04

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This is our extra large heavy duty stainless steel BBQ with 3 heavy duty rotisserie skewers, 15 kebab skewers and 4 heights for the charcoal tray. Perfect for both the caterer and BBQ enthusiast!
Each of the 3 skewers is 11mm thick and comes with a pair of stainless heavy duty chicken forks. They each slot into the gearing system which is powered by one of the 2 stainless steel electric motors (220 - 240V) provided. When the motor is switched on all 3 skewers will turn.
The 3 skewers can be adjusted in height by undoing the locking bolts either side, sliding up or down and then locking the nuts again.
The 15 kebab skewers all slot into the gearing system which is turned by the 2nd stainless electric motors (220 - 240V)
This machine comes with 2 stainless steel cooking grills which gives the machine a maximum cooking area of approximately 51cm x 89cm. The cooking height stands at approximately 86cm from the ground.
There are 4 convenient heights for the charcoal so that this machine gives you excellent control over your cooking temperatures.
Below the charcoal tray are 2 large stainless shelves making it ideal for storage of equipment/charcoal/food when in use.
There are 4 heavy duty caster wheels, each with a lock to fix in position.
Viewing and collection (by appointment) from our location in Rudgwick, West Sussex, RH12 3DH.