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Spartan Stainless Steel Hog Roast Machine

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This is our new spit roast machine complete with a stainless steel 40kg hog roast motor, carving tray, large stainless steel grill and a stainless bottom tray for storage. There is a charcoal trough within the machine so that the charcoal is contained and the machine is easily cleaned.
The main fire box is approximately 120cm in length along with the skewer. The complete length taking in consideration the motor and brackets is approximately 143cm. The width is approximately 49cm.
The machine comes complete with locking caster wheels making it very easy to manouvre with its rigid frame. From floor to cooking height is approximately 75cm. The uprights for the skewer are approximately 44.5cm above the grill area.
Unit will be delivered in 2 large parcels.
Additional extras available such as counter balance, brackets, motors, skewers etc.
*Motor can turn a balanced 40KG load.