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Brick DIY BBQ kit + Oven/Cupboard Attachment SS103E

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In addition to the superb quality of our BBQ kits, we can also offer them with the stainless steel cupboard attachment. Designed so that you can conveniently store your utensils or BBQ equipment. Can also be used to place food in in preparation for cooking.

All our kits come with a stainless steel cooking grill which have the best rust prevention qualities which will allow this kit to keep going for years to come.

The dimensions of this kit are the standard size of the traditional brick BBQ's and should therefore fit most. The grill measures 670mm x 400mm and is made from 3mm bar with a 5mm frame.

Please note that the 6mm upgraded grills do not come with handles as the weight of the grills are not safe to move in and out of the BBQ with hot food on.

If you have any questions please contact us for further details.