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Brick DIY BBQ kit + Warming Grill - SS104C-B

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These traditional heavy duty DIY BBQ kits have been built to last. The charcoal grate which receives the most intense use has been made 7mm thick which is one of the thickest on the market. The grates have feet either end which stand approximately 30mm tall.

These kits give you the flexibility for you to either design your own brick BBQ masterpiece in your back garden or alternatively stick to the very simple yet elegant standard design.

The dimensions of this kit are based around the standard size of the traditional brick BBQ's and should therefore fit most. If in doubt please contact us for further details.

  • Our new design of brick BBQ kit measuring 67cm x 40cm with chromed steel cooking grill with detachable handles & warming grill. (Bricks not included).
  • Strong aluminised steel ash tray with the inserted charcoal grate at 7mm chromed steel bar.
  • The ash tray has a lip affixed to the front measuring approximately 70mm to prevent ash from falling on to the caterer.
  • The heavy duty charcoal grate locks in to the tray allowing approximately 50mm of air flow for the coals underneath. The gap in between the charcoal bars is only 20mm.
  • Lovely looking kit which has been designed and built to last. Also available with upgraded 6mm cooking grill. Standard grill as per this listing is 3mm bar with 5mm frame.