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Built in Brick BBQ DIY Cooking Grill with Argentinian Adjustable Heights - 67cm (68cm Approx Incl. side bolts)

Tax included.

This exciting BBQ grill top is designed to either fit your existing DIY brick BBQ or alternatively you could build it into an outdoor kitchen.

Made from high grade stainless steel and with a heavy duty V style stainless bars, this product makes cooking even more versatile and fun. Using the handle to the right of the cooking area you are able to higher and lower the grill to your desired cooking height making it much easier to get the cooking temperature for the food just right.

The external dimensions of the base measure approximately 67cm x 44cm. However with side bolts please allow for a 68cm width.

The height of the frame measures approximately 66.5cm with the wheel on the right extending the complete height to approximately 76cm.

The V bar cooking area is approximately 56.5cm x 35.5cm.

The design enables the frame to be broken down and compacted away for storage.

Also available with electric stainless steel rotisserie with heavy duty 10mm round skewer. Rotisserie secures to the frame of the grill and so can be adjusted in height via the same method.