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Charcoal Grate for DIY Brick BBQ - 62cm x 38.5cm

Tax included.
  • Heavy duty stainless steel charcoal grate. Made from 7mm chromed steel or high grade stainless steel bar with only 20mm spacing between them. This smaller gap means that less charcoal with have the opportunity to fall through.
  • They are also supplied with feet on both the front and the back which allows the grates to stand approximately 3.7cm from the surface. This gives a good 3cm of air flow under the coals to give a better burn.
  • Measures approximately 62cm x 38.5cm with larger sizes also available.
  • These charcoal grates are perfectly suitable for either your own design of BBQ or alternatively they can be accompanied with our own design of ash tray whereby the legs of the charcoal grates lock into our ash trays. The ash trays can be viewed on an alternate listing or alternatively you can purchase the charcoal grate including ash tray which will also be separately listed.
  • Built and designed to last with solid and high grade materials.