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Large Charcoal Stainless Steel BBQ with Cypriot Kebab Skewers, Model EV-2

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About this item

  • Large stainless steel charcoal BBQ. Great for parties and events.
  • External dimensions measure approximately 100cm x 40.5cm with a complete height of approximately 93.5cm. The cooking height is approximately 83cm from the ground with the skewers approximately 85cm from the ground.
  • Cooking area is approximately 89cm x 35.5cm which is large enough for most domestic parties. It also has a convenient lid so that heat can be retained for faster cooking.
  • It comes with 15 kebab skewers that manually slot into the grooves of the BBQ. The square skewers can then be manually lifted when cooking, turned 90 degrees and positioned back.
  • Inside is a black steel charcoal trough with handles either end so that it can be easily removed for emptying.