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Cypriot Grill Top Rotisserie

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Unique stainless steel BBQ grill top rotisserie unit.

It comes with 11 kebab skewers which are powered by a battery operated motor turning approximately 5 times per minute.

There are also 3 further skewers which are designed for heavier meats each with 2 heavy duty chromed forks & motorised by a powerful stainless electric motor, turning approximately 5 times per minute.

Both motors can operate either section of skewers.

Each end has a handle to allow for convenient placement on top of your grill.

The unit frame measures 72cm (excl. side bolts and handles) x 40cm and is approximately 12cm high.

This is a sturdy design made from high grade materials. It increases the versatility of BBQ cooking and makes cooking a lot more fun!