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Large Rotisserie Stainless Steel BBQ + Adjustable Skewer Heights Model EV-7

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About this item

  • Large stainless steel charcoal BBQ with 7 motorised skewers driven by a chain. Each skewer is 8mm square and each comes with a pair of stainless steel chicken forks.
  • Skewers have the ability to go up and down by 5cm using the crank handle on the right hand side. The skewers are approximately 89cm from the ground at their lowest point and can be raised to approximately 94cm from the ground.
  • It comes with 2 grills with a combined cooking area of approximately 85cm x 55cm. The cooking grill is approximately 83cm from the ground. 
  • The main body measures approximately 65cm x 90cm (excluding handles, motors etc).
  • Inside is a large black steel charcoal trough that can be removed by lifting out for cleaning.
  • BBQ has 4 locking casters to keep in position.