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Extra Large Stainless Steel Commercial Charcoal BBQ with Argentinian Grill Height Adjustment - COLLECTION ONLY

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An exciting commercial charcoal BBQ in stainless steel offering the ability to adjust the cooking height using the wheel on the right. Simply lift the spring loaded pin and turn the handle. Release the pin at the desired height.

This machine makes for a real head turner, offering a large cooking area with 6mm heavy duty stainless steel grills. These grills can be removed from the frame for easy cleaning.

Inside the machine are 2 black heavy duty charcoal troughs. We provide 2 so that should you want to cook on just half the machine then you no longer have to use so much charcoal giving you more control over your cooking. With the adjustable grill it makes for easy refilling of charcoal when required as all you need to do is raise the cooking grills to put more coals in the troughs.

In between the 2 charcoal troughs is a divider which giver the machine additional rigidity. Both charcoal troughs have been re-inforced on the base for additional strength and longevity.

When closing the lid simply undo the wire from the frame. Take the frame out and situate it on the base shelf. The lid can then close.