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Extra Large Zodiac Commercial Stainless Steel Charcoal BBQ

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This is our extra large Zodiac charcoal BBQ made using a rigid design of thick stainless steel. It comes with 4 heavy duty caster wheels and a large bottom tray. We have also added a lid which acts as a wind break, making it easier to cook in windier conditions.
It is provided with 2 heavy duty stainless steel grills made from 6mm bar.
Inside is a large black charcoal trough which will protect the stainless steel.
The external dimensions of this machine are approximately 142cm x 50cm.
The cooking surface area of the machine is approximately 135cm x 45cm.
The cooking height stands approximately 94.5cm from the ground.
This machine also has the ability to attach a spit rotisserie system for additional cost so that in the future you decide you would like to cook anything from a chicken to a pig then this machine gives you that versatility.