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Gearing Rotisserie Attachment with 2 Skewers

Tax included.

This piece of equipment is designed to be affixed to your existing BBQ. In doing so you will have a double rotisserie cooking system making your barbecuing experience far more versatile and exciting.

It comes with 2 stainless steel skewers which are 41 inches in length (excluding handle) and 8mm diameter. Each skewer comes with a pair of heavy duty stainless steel forks and supplied with a rotating ring as seen within the photos to allow for the square bar to rotate smoothly when its located in its supporting bracket.

The gearing system is a powder coated steel and has a long bracket/leg on the underside. This is for attaching to the side of your BBQ. You may have to drill a couple of larger holes in this along with drilling the same holes in the same position on your BBQ. The same would have to be repeated for the bracket which affixes to the opposite end of your BBQ. A nut and bolt (not provided) can then be located in the 4 holes to secure in position.

Supplied is also a small stainless steel motor which clips on to the gearing system. Once installed and turned on then both skewers will rotate smoothly and at the same time.