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Heavy Duty Tripod Rotisserie Spit Set - Up to 40KG

Tax included.

A convenient stainless steel spit hog roast kit which comes with everything you need to cook your meat over an open fire. Free standing legs which are approximately 62cm tall. The skewer can be positioned at any point along the uprights by sliding the motor up or down the legs and affixing using the 2 locking pins.

This hog roast kit comes with the following:

- 1 Motor for turning up to 40KG.
- 1 Skewer 149cm Length - 22mm diameter (hollow or solid stainless steel depending on selection)
- 2 Tripod Legs
- 2 Prongs/Forks
- 1 Back Brace
- 1 Leg Bracket

A counter balance is recommended so that if the meat is loaded and more weight is on one side of the skewer then it can be offset with the counter balance on the opposite side.