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Hog Roast Carousel

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This is a rotating 3 basket carousel which slides onto your existing skewer and locks on with 2 bolts. Each basket is deep to allow the versatility of cooking smaller meats, vegetables, poultry and fish.

Made from high grade stainless steel each basket easily detaches for ease of cleaning and storage.

The central pole that slides onto your skewer will either be designed for a 22mm skewer or 25mm round skewer. If you are in doubt about which to purchase then please inquire.
The length of the item is approximately 60cm in total.

The size of the baskets are approximately 55cm (length) x 16cm (width at the top) x 15cm (deep).

You would require a distance of at least 24cm from the pole all the way around to enable this item to rotate without touching the sides of your machine.
Please note hog roast machine is not included.