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Large Stainless Steel Charcoal BBQ

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This is a large charcoal BBQ made from high grade stainless steel. It has a unique lid which acts as a windbreak with 2 locking brackets either end to fix into position.
It will come with 2 stainless steel grills and 4 removable legs. As standard the grills will be made from 3mm bar with a 5mm frame. However you have the option to select a heavier grade of stainless and upgrade to 6mm bar and frame.
Inside is a large heavy duty charcoal trough made from black painted steel whereby the charcoal will be positioned and avoids the coals touching the stainless BBQ. This also makes it easier and convenient when emptying the BBQ of coal/ash.
The legs are secured onto the BBQ with a locking pin for each. These can all be enclosed in the BBQ for storage.
The external dimensions of this machine are approximately 150cm x 46cm x 14cm with approximate gross weight of 26kg.
The cooking surface area of the machine is approximately 134cm x 40cm.