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Rotisserie Counter Balance

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This is a stainless steel BBQ rotisserie counter balance designed to help balance a skewer if the meat has been loaded and more weight is on one side. The idea is to the position the counter balance on the opposite side so that this will balance the load and help a smooth rotation along with creating less strain for the motor.

The total weight (excluding adaptor) is approximately 235 grams. the complete length is approximately 9cm. The ring whereby the skewer goes through is approximately 15mm and therefore can be secured to a square skewer up to 12mm. However this counter weight comes with an adaptor to allow it to fit tightly on to the more common 8mm square skewer.

The weight on the counter balance can be moved up and down the shaft depending on how unbalanced the load is. The further away the weight from the skewer the more effect the balance will have.