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Round Santa Maria Kettle BBQ Rotisserie & Adjustable Cooking Grill

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A really exciting rotisserie and grill system designed for either your kettle BBQ or fire pit. Made from high grade stainless steel and rigid design this product is a head turner!

The external width (diameter) of the frame is approximately 60cm with an internal width of approximately 50.4cm. The drop on the internal width is approximately 4cm.

The lip for which the frame rests on the BBQ/Fire pit is approximately 4.5cm.

The height of the uprights (from frame to top) is approximately 64cm.

It comes with a heavy duty stainless steel rotisserie kit with 10mm diameter round skewer and electric 240V motor. This can be adjusted in height separately to the grill handle, although you would not usually use the rotisserie at the same time as the cooking grill.