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Spit Roast DIY Installation Kit - Up to 25KG

Tax included.

This kit provides a simple solution to create your own spit roast machine. Should you have an existing BBQ suitable to fix this equipment to then it is the ideal option to cook up to 25kg of meat.

It comes complete with installation brackets which affix to the side of your BBQ. Each bracket has an upright which allow for the skewer to be raised up and down and to be locked at any height.

The skewer is 150cm in length which means this kit can potentially fit a BBQ with a width smaller than 150cm. Should you require something longer then please contact us for options.

Excludng the motor all parts to this kit are stainless steel.

The kit comes with the following:

25KG Motor - 220 - 240V
150cm Hollow Skewer (22mm in diameter)
Heavy Duty Forks x 2
Back Brace x 1
Leg Bracket x 1

Installation Brackets