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Stainless Steel Argentinian Charcoal Grill 60cm Wide - ARG-05

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This exciting Argentinian BBQ grill offers the versatility of adjusting the grill height to control the cooking temperature in addition to collecting the fats and juices from the meats. These liquids can then be used to re-baste the meat, resulting in a more delicious, steak house quality meat. The other added benefit is reduced flare ups. 

Made from a very heavy duty high grade 3mm stainless steel. This model is designed to sit directly on to your charcoal level, such as heat bricks. The legs then give it the height to burn the coals/logs directly under it. 

Dimensions are as below:

Grill measures approximately 50.5cm wide x 49cm deep.

The frame stands approximately 19cm high with the legs. Frame is approximately 60cm wide x 62cm deep.

From the ground level to the highest point of the handle measures approximately 95cm.