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Stainless steel Cypriot BBQ Fish Clamp

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Ideal for small or large get-togethers where smaller food choices may be wanted for grilling, it provides a great cooking tool for any BBQ grill owner, and is able to be easily cleaned before and after each cooking session to ensure it is ready for use for the next time. With this rotating Grill/Cage, you can make cook fish evenly abd make Portuguese style Charcoal Chicken at the convenience of your own home.

  • Durable Stainless steel BBQ rotating Grill / Cage with durable Plastic handle.
  • Sharp spikes inside the centre of the cage to hold food in place
  • Suitable for cooking: Fish, Chicken Pieces, Seftalia, Spare rips,, Burgers, Sausages etc.
  • With the unique design, this rotating cage is able to easily be set and connected into place, and can be rotated in a circular movement exactly as that as a normal roasting spit over hot charcoal or flames
  • This is suitable for the Stainless Steel Cyprus Grill or any other rotisseries spit BBQ within the same measurements as the Cyprus Grill.