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Tripod Rotisserie Spit Set - Up to 20kg

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Designed to be used on the ground, over an open fire. Perfect for anyone (from professional caterers to the regular backyard cook) who wants to roast meat the old fashioned way - spinning it over a fire, close to the ground, and taking the right amount of time to do it.

This rotisserie kit comes with the following:

- skewer 160cm (joined in the middle - maximum weight limit of 20kg)
- 2 Tripod legs
- 2 Prongs/Forks
- 1 Back Brace
- 1 Leg Bracket
- 1 Handle
- 1 Motor which can turn a maximum balanced weight of 25kg.

The height the skewer sits over the charcoal can be adjusted by resting the skewer on one of the two bracket levels. 48cm and 36cm.